Glas Device Issues

Jun 7, 2019  •  Knowledge

Glas is not charging

Check to make sure you are using a 5v power supply (at minimum) capable of supplying 2 amps or more of power for best results. Additionally, try using a different micro usb charging cable, and make sure the charging port is free of any obstructions like lint or dirt.

Follow this link below if you need further assistance: Troubleshoot Charging

Glas is not creating vapor

If your device is not producing vapor, it could be a number of issues. Check to make sure the device charges and the badge on the device glows when you inhale. If that works, try a different pod.

Follow this link below if you need further assistance: Troubleshoot Vapor

Glas is damaged

If you believe your product was somehow damaged before you received it, contact us below.

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