The design of Glas devices and pods are unmatched in both taste
and overall experience. Our pursuit of perfection has resulted in a
tobacco-free nicotine delivery system that satisfies every time.

More Liquid

Glas pods contain 1.3ml of liquid, lasting longer, and giving you more of what you desire.

More Power

Our patented battery technology provides enough power to last all day and charge in under 20 minutes.

More Smooth

Carefully crafted liquids, all specifically calibrated to complement our device & pod technology.


Pod Technology

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Battery That Lasts All Day

Rapid Charge in Under 20 Minutes

1.3ml Anti-Leak Pods

Award Winning Liquid

Additional Features & Specs

  • Pass Through Vaping – Vape while you charge!
  • High Quality Materials
  • Superior Performance
  • Multi-Layered Experience
  • Enhanced Vapor Production
  • Jewelry Aesthetic & Weight
  • Concierge Experience
  • Extra Capacity Pods
  • 1.3ml Anti-Leak Pods / Closed Cartridge
  • Patented Airflow System
  • Innovative Triple Coil & Wick System
  • Proprietary Award Winning Liquids
  • Tobacco Free Nicotine
  • Anti-Scratch Military Grade PVD Coating (Device)
  • Patented ECO Tech battery
  • Extended Battery Life
  • Sophisticated Power Regulation
  • Micro USB Rapid Charging
  • Magnetic Connections for 100% Reliability
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty