World Class Quality

Jun 20, 2019  •  Knowledge

What is the warranty on a Glas?
Each Glas device comes with a lifetime limited warranty that covers against material defects and manufacturing errors that occur during normal use of the device from the moment of purchase and through the course of its lifetime. The limited warranty only applies to the original consumer purchaser of the device, who is listed as the device registrant on Any use of the device in a way not intended will remove the device from coverage of warranty. Warranties are not transferable.

How is Glas made?
Glas is the result of countless hours of development by experienced vapers and engineers to produce the highest quality vaping experience for its users. Every device is manufactured and tested to ensure optimal performance. Pods are filled in our state of the art laboratory and we use only the top quality ingredients.

What materials are Glas products made of?
Glas products are made of the highest quality components available. Rhodium plated neodynium magnets, military grade scratch resistant coating, and the highest quality nicotine available. From the patented quick-charge ECO battery technology to the 1.3 ml anti-leak pods, and more, we advanced the technology in every component of the vaping experience.

What makes Glas products high quality?
We engineered the Glas system to fix common issues we saw in other vape devices on the market. Issues like leaking pods, low-grade materials & finishes, and subpar batteries. Glas is our attempt to take vaping to a new level of performance. See more at our technology page.